FLEX Products: Made Without Toxins

Written By Andy Miller, VP Product Development @The Flex Company

You deserve to know what goes into your period care products. That’s why we are sharing our approach to making safe, effective products that we are proud of. We put thought, care and love into every detail of the products you buy so you can feel assured in choosing FLEX.

What Is Not in Our Product

To start, our products are made without toxins, common allergens, and other materials of concern. FLEX products are not made with:

  • BPA
  • PFOA, PFOs
  • phthalates
  • lead
  • latex (natural rubber latex to be specific)
  • animal products of any kind

How Do I Know The Materials Are Safe For My Body?


Our FLEX Disc is made from medical grade resins that have a long track record of safety. The base material in our FLEX Disc has been used in over 40 million discs for over twenty years. That’s a track record we stand behind.

Our track record is the result of both thoughtful choices and rigorous controls on how we make our products.

The Flex Company Is A Regulated Medical Device Company

Did you know that we are an FDA-registered medical device company and regulated by the FDA? That means that we put in a lot of work behind the scenes monitoring and controlling every aspect of our materials and manufacturers to ensure they meet the highest standards of FDA Class II medical devices— the same standards as a knee or hip implants.

Our menstrual discs are exclusively made in medical device facilities in Canada alongside other medical devices. But it’s not just how our products are made that makes the difference, it’s also the materials that our products are made from.

What’s In A Name? Plastic, Polymers, And Resins

With the growing discussion around plastics and their uses, we want to share information to help you make informed product choices.

First, it is important to know that there are many, many different kinds of materials that are called plastic. Everything from IV bags to clothing to car tires are technically plastic. Chances are that you are probably wearing something made out of plastic right now. Some plastic items you would trust to use on your body, and some you would not.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are other words used to refer to plastic materials such as resin and polymer. We tend to use the word ‘polymer’ because it reflects the body-safe, medical-grade polymer for our FLEX Disc that is safe and reliable.

Importantly, the FLEX Disc needs to compress into a figure-eight shape for easy insertion and then spring back into a ring shape to form a leak-resistant seal. The FLEX Disc was specifically designed to compress into a figure-eight shape for easy insertion and then mold to the shape of your body at body temperature to form a leak-resistant seal. These features cannot be accomplished with silicone, latex, or other materials (none of which are used in our discs), and are what make our product so helpful for our customers.

We use medical-grade, body-safe polymers and colorants, but how can you, as a consumer, know which polymers are safe and which are not? To begin, it is important to know the standards to which a product is manufactured.

We Have The Highest Material Standards For Product Safety

As a medical device company, the FDA governs what materials are suitable for different uses on and in the body. In our case, our materials are held to standards specific for use inside of the vagina.

It is important to be an informed consumer, because not all companies are FDA compliant and not all feminine hygiene companies are regulated by the FDA.

In fact, our founder created The Flex Company because she was suffering from persistent yeast infections caused by her period products for over 15 years.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure a safe polymer is to buy from brands you trust to be honest and transparent.

I am writing this blog post as FLEX's VP of Product Development. My experience of having spent a decade working for medical device companies makes me proud to work at The Flex Company, where every person contributes to our culture of safety and quality every day.

If you have questions about our products, their materials or how they are made, please reach out to our FLEXperts by emailinghello@flexfits.com.