FLEX Fits, We Promise

FLEX Fits, We Promise

One of the first questions that we get from people when they see FLEX Disc for the first time is “That’s huge! HowTF is that supposed to fit?”

We get it. It looks big. In fact FLEX Disc is about the same diameter of a tennis ball (70 mm).

But don’t worry, becauseour menstrual disc is designed to be pinched in half when inserting.

When pinched in half,a menstrualis only about a quarter of an inch wide, very similar in size to the average tampon. See?

Our disc was designed specifically to comfortably fit inside a woman’s body. So, even though it might not look like it will fit, trust us (and Board Certified OBGYN, Dr. Jane van Dis), it was designed specifically with your anatomy in mind. And its design is made to feel so comfortable that you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all. As one of our customers Sam put it “I tried a sample of FLEX and I didn't feel it at all! I had it in from about 8 in the morning until 8 pm.”

The edge of FLEX is similar in texture to smooth applicator tampons, so it slides in very easily.

For those of you who have tried menstrual cups like Diva Cup or Lunette and found them hard to insert and remove, good news: FLEX is not only more comfortable than the average menstrual cup, it’s also easier to use. Menstrual cups have to be folded in half and are around 30-35 mm when inside the vaginal canal. They also create suction making them difficult, and sometimes messy to remove.

The vagina is a very flexible part of your body that can easily stretch and grow (thank goodness, otherwise having a baby would be impossible). Did you know that your vagina actually gets wider closer to the cervix? Think of your vaginal canal as a road and your vaginal fornix as a cul-de-sac around your cervix. Your cervix is the narrow passage at the base of your uterus where menses comes out.

The vaginal fornix is the “cul-de-sac” where your cervix and your vaginal canal meet. This space is the widest part of the vagina, and FLEX is made to fit perfectly there.

By contrast, menstrual cups and tampons sit in the narrow vaginal canal, pushing the walls outward. Compare that to menstrual cups which sit in the much smaller vaginal canal.

If you are still feeling nervous about using FLEX for the first time, live chat one of our FLEX gurus (your new BFF) by clicking the chat button on the lower right of your screen or check out our customer reviews.